Monday, July 11, 2011

Joint issue - Bridges

Another short one today - An joint issue for between Singapore and Phillipines and Singapore. Bridges are an favourite subject of mine because I used to go over and under them often enough, but don't you think that bridges are a very apt subject for to countries to send across an joint issue over?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Australian dollar coins

People who collect stamps will agree that the stories behind stamps are as interesting as the stamps themselves. As I was emptying my pockets after the recent Australian trip, I wanted to check what the story behind the coins might be.

The coin on right is the standard 1 dollar coin. It has the distinction of being the only coin in Australia to replace a circulating note. The design on the coin is called the 5 "mob of roos' and was designed by Stuart Devlin, who by all accounts is a rock star among coin designers and is as big as an gold and silversmith can get. 

The coin on the left is the 2 dollar coin and has a whole lot more interesting storyline. The Aboriginal  on the coin is supposed to be based on a painting  by Ainslie Roberts, of a man called "one pound Jimmy". Apparently he was called one pound Jimmy because any time someone asked how much it would cost to buy something made by him, his answer would be "one pound boss".

In line with our topic of Philately, one pound Jimmy also featured on two stamps of 1950 & 1952 for about 8 pence. Judging by the rate of inflation, I think One pound Jimmy has pretty much maintained his prices over an amazingly long period.