Thursday, April 14, 2011


Frogs always remind my of Eric Bruth. Anyone with an interest in either stamps or frogs should visit his blog.

So when I read that Sing post had released a series based on pond life which also featured frogs, I decided to pick them up on his behalf. As it turns out Sing post has come out with a really pretty collectors sheet for the pond life, but it cost's 28 SGD. A sum for which I could have probably bought the whole of the Giripeth post office with the well thrown in as compliments of the India postal service.
I decided to shortchange Eric and instead just bought the above first day cover with the two frogs. The lady behind the counter, a jolly person who thinks of the most apt thing to say at all times, saw the completed FDC and commented, "Looks like the two frogs just broke up."

I also took along the above sheet of paper where she had tried out the cancellation mark. After all we can never have too many jumping frogs in our life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

welcome To Singapore

It has been a long time since I posted and though there are a lot of things I can blame it on, I guess its basically me that the needle firmly points on.

As it turns out, I have exchanged the environs of a ship with the cubicles of an office and relocated to Singapore.

Naturally my stamps may now focus more on this part of the world, but I will sorely miss the India Post that I have so much grown to love and admire.

Hope all the readers of this blog have done well over the last so many days and wish you all the very best.

In case I can send you something from this part of the world, please do let me know.

PS : Please do take note of my new address in case you want to send something my way ( Top right)