Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back on ship - The Simpsons

Location : Mexico

I know its been a log time since I blogged, but I am back on my ship and so
I am back to blogging about my stamps as well. It was a great vacation and I
had the funnest of times at home with family. Thanks to all of you who
wished me well and thanks again to all of you who came back to this blog to
see if any thing was still being written.

I joined the ship in New Orleans USA and even though I couldn't make it to
the main post office, I did manage to get to one of the smaller ones and got
a handful of current stamps. Since I am a fond collecter of cartoon and
comics stamps, I was glad to get the "simpsons stamps" which have been out
for some time, but I didn't have them as I have not been exchanging for some
time now.

Its sad that the USPS came out with just five stamps of these characters as
it would have been neat to have a miniature sheet of these guys.

Lets hope that I can get more regular with my postings. Also if you people
want some stamps from this part of the world ( US - Mexico), please do let
me know in the comments section.

PS: If anyone is reading this in France (Eric?), please let me have the
miniature of the Astrix Stamps that was released recently. Let me know what
you need.


lefung said...

Hi Velu,
Welcome back! So surprise and great postcard I get from you from Gibraltar. It is so nice. Thank you very much! Are you in Mexico? If go to post please help me to check the Preserve Polar Regions and Glaciers issues. One of my missing country for my collection.Thank you very much!

Siew Lan

Gulfmann Collection said...

Nice to see your updated blog
again, with more exciting
experieces during your worldwide
voyage, and philatelic items.

Anonymous said...

hi velu , happy to read you again :)

I will send you a cover with Astérix 's french stamps soon.

Best wishes for 2010.

ps : I received your postcard from Gibraltar