Thursday, April 14, 2011


Frogs always remind my of Eric Bruth. Anyone with an interest in either stamps or frogs should visit his blog.

So when I read that Sing post had released a series based on pond life which also featured frogs, I decided to pick them up on his behalf. As it turns out Sing post has come out with a really pretty collectors sheet for the pond life, but it cost's 28 SGD. A sum for which I could have probably bought the whole of the Giripeth post office with the well thrown in as compliments of the India postal service.
I decided to shortchange Eric and instead just bought the above first day cover with the two frogs. The lady behind the counter, a jolly person who thinks of the most apt thing to say at all times, saw the completed FDC and commented, "Looks like the two frogs just broke up."

I also took along the above sheet of paper where she had tried out the cancellation mark. After all we can never have too many jumping frogs in our life.

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Eric said...

Hello Velu

Thanks for thinking abot me! Interesting issue and interesting blog post ;-) Thanks a lot