Saturday, September 3, 2011

France - History of Bicycles

Its been a year since I came here and I received my first philatelic mail. This was sent by Eric, who has a great blog that your really must visit.

I had sent him some stamps on frog some time back and he was kind enough to send a spectacular sheet across. I'll put that up in the next post.

In the meanwhile lets focus on the beautiful stamps that Eric put on the cover itself. These bicycles are part of a series of french stamps called "2011 - The bicycle from its origins to today".  The link is in french so you may have to translate it. The stamps themselves are beautiful and love them.

Another point of interest is that the back of the envelope had this stamp that is probably the creation of Eric himself as he is nuts about all thins froggy!
Thanks for the cover Eric. Great Fun receiving it. Will send you across the cover you included inside soon.

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Cees Prins said...

Very nice cover with bicycles stamps. Like that also.
Nice blog, did not visit it the last year(or so)
Cees aka chickenstampy