Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chile - The Easter Islands

Location - Pacific, Equador Coast 00 24 S, 083 08 W

The Easter Islands, though seperated from the Clilean mailland by a huge distance, have become much of an icon for the country. The reasons of course is the presence of the statues on the Island. No one really knows who or why built these statues, but
the small wooden statues being made on the bottom right are made for money and sell for as much as 2 US dollars each on the road side.

Martin, a friend from Chile says that there are teo main types of statues - one with bigger ears then the others. He said that the statues were built by warring tribes who fought each other till everyone died and the only ones who were left behind were
the gods with no one to pray to them and some to buy them for two bucks.

PS: As you can see from the position, am crossing the equator again in a couple of hours!


lefung said...

Hello Velu,
How is your New Year? i had received the cover from Panama. all the cover already post in my blog and you can have a look.

Kristen said...

Hi Velu,

I received a lovely card from you when you were in India....where can I send a card back to you in return? I'll try and find some nice stamps:) It looks like you've been doing some travelling:) Thanks a lot for the card!