Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Togo - Sir Edmund Hillary

Location : Off Yucatan - 17 08 N, 081 36 W

News reached a little late on the ship, but I came to know about the passing of Hillary yesterday. I had put up a couple of stamps on the 50 years of the climbing of the Everest many months back on this page.

This stamp is part of a bigger miniature released by Togo on the occasion of the mellinium. There are apparently ten of such sheets, based on the ten decades of the century. This stamp is part of the sheet on the fifties. I would have liked to use this stamp for a better occasion. Probably the 75th year and not for the passing of that man.


Alexander said...

Dear Velu!
I have just recieved your nice paquebot from Panama and a cover from Curacao.(I put them on my blog). Thank you, I like them very much. In two days I shall send you a cover with marine thematic from St.Petersburg(Russia).

Yukiko said...

Dear Velu,
thank you for sending me cards always. I wonder when you will back home and find my cards :-)
Continue your safe journey! Yukiko

Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
Thanks for your Paquebot cover,
that cover was affixed with three
Netherlands Antilles stamps, but
unfortunately without any postal
postmarking on it, the cover is
perfect condition, Thanks.
Hope you have received my covers
sending, I will send you more
different nice stamped covers.

ariga said...

Dear Velu

Nice blog and you have nice collection from your journey... I think you are luckyman. :)