Sunday, January 6, 2008


Location - Chile Coast - 21 39 S, 075 57 W

Well its been a hectic past week and we were in chile for the day of the new year and a few days hence. It was a beautiful port stay and I'm just about getting over it now. Apologies for not coming by earlier and updating this with more posts.

Thanks for the wishes from you people and I have put in some mail from the port. Will make a post call tomorrow. In the meanwhile, thanks for checking in and the comments. Am putting up a set of stamps released by the Neth Ant, on fruits. I think its always good to start off something like the new year with food on your plate. :)


veluSr said...

hi ,
good to see you are back with the first post of the year 2008 .
Hope to see many more .
Happy & safe sailing .
M & P

Yukiko said...

Thank you Velu, I received a card from Curacao island. I like this exotic card. Wishing you a pleasant trip further. Yukiko