Wednesday, February 13, 2008

75 Years of the Indian Airforce.

Its only so long that I will be able to use to excuse of setting things in order before starting to post more regularly. :)

And it is time I put up some more stamps of India. I have written earlier about the Philatelic account I have with India Post and so on coming back, I was surrounded with the stamps released by India over the past five months.

One of the neat sheets I got was this one released on the Platinum Jubilee (1932 - 2007) of the Indian Air Force.

The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932. But by the time they actually got around to flying their planes it was 1st April 1933. So it's probably apt that I got the 75 years of the Air force in 2008! The IAF inetially compromised of six RAF-trained officers and 19 Havai Sepoys (air soldiers) and four Wapiti Airplanes. The Wapiti is thus aptly pictured on the main sheet on the lower left.

The others featured on the main sheet from top Left are the Dhruv, the AWACS and an IL 78 refuelling two Su-30 airplanes.

The neat thing about this sheet, is that on either sides of the sheet, are the pictures of the planes that have accompanied the IAF in this 75 years journey. The planes on the left side from top to bottom are: The Toofani , Mi 26 Helicopter (The biggest Helicopter in the world) , Gnat, Packet (C 119), Hunter and the Jaguar.

On the Right from top to bottom are: Dakota DC-3, Mig 21, AN 32, Mirage 2000, Vampire 52 and finally the Mig 25 (Foxbat).

A very comprehensive history of the IAF can be found here on the IAF website.

As you can see the FDC released on the occasion is a stunner as well. When taken with the previous released stamps and FDCs of the humble Gnat, 16 Sqn of the Air force and the sheet released on the 100 years of Man's first flight, the sheet finds itself in good company.


Ada said...

Love the idea of your blog, its always interesting to learn of other traditions through its art, you got BOB vote!

velusamy said...

NIce work dude..keep it up..

erickia said...

haha~nice blog, keep the good work for it

Eurostamper said...

I like this blog, you seem to choose stamps based on the quality of their art and the interest of their design. I wrote about you on my blog.

Looking forward to more posts and more countries' stamps!

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Velu !
have you received my last registered cover from France ?
thank you to tell me ! I'd be so happy to see it or the stamps inside my cover on your blog :-)
Regards !

lefung said...

Hello Velu,
I just wonder have you received the items i sent previously? thanks

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I grew up with many stamps in my house since my dad collected stamps just as millions of others in the former USSR. In those days philately was widely recognized as THE hobby for all the highly educated people. I really enjoyed my dad's enormous collection and showed it off to my peers at school on a number of occasions (and got in trouble for it! - I was not supposed to take the albums out of the house). I traded many of his stamps without even knowing the value, like many kids i based my trades on the "cuteness" of the stamps. After I moved to the US I abandoned my stamp collecting hobby because it was percieved as "geeky." Recently, I picked up this hobby again thanks to an article by Armand Rousso "Philately Extends Life". I recommend this article to everyone who is considering getting into philately. Armand points out so many great thisngs about philately! Enjoy!

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