Monday, February 4, 2008

Back Home !

Hi All.

As the title says, I am back home. The last few months were great and I did cover a huge chunk of the globe in those months. But the time was very hectic and it feels great to be back home and wind down for a while.

Firstly, it was simply amazing to come back home and see the pile of letters that you folks have been sending over to my address for the last few months. I loved all of them and thanks a ton for them. It will take me a few days to deal with them and I will be putting up a lot of them on the blog over the next few days.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you & I want to let you know that I'm open for swaps again of Indian stamps.

Cheers all!


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
So nice to know you are back home
already, I will send you more
covers, soon.

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Velu !
happy to know you're back home :-)
How many time do you stay in India ?
thanks for your link to my blog ine the Postcrossing forum !
I was so happy to speak about yout Paquebot mail !! you'll see, I've also spoken about your nice cover from Panama :-)
I suppose that you've already received the French last Tintin miniature sheet ? Tell me which French stamps or M/S you'd like to recieve from me : the last Harry Potter booklet, the last Lighthouses M/S...or something else ?
you can see the last French issue here :

Regards !

Alexander said...

Hi Velu! You are at home. Congratulations!
Yesterday I recieved you cover from Chile. Thank you, I have already put it on my blog.
Best wishes from North Venice (St,Petersburg, Russia)