Saturday, February 9, 2008

New links

Over the last few months I have been mailing to a lot of new friends and today I added two of their links on the left out here.

The first is Glenn from canada who has a nice blog about postcards. He is trying to collect cards from all over.

Secondly I have put a link to Zhou fan's blog. He is a new friend from China and has been sending me covers from that country on a regular basis.

Thanks to the both of you!

In case I have missed out links of any of you, please do write in and I'll put it up.


zhoufan said...

Dear. velu:

See you in my BLOG message, very grateful. I have received from other countries you send postcards and letters to a. Please be assured has been received!

The letter sent to you on some China Post issued a crossword postcards and postage letters,
(China's prize-stamped postcards back of a very rich pictorial) want to like it!

Thank you, in my BLOG increase connectivity!

Thanks & Regds,
Registered number: RR263821060CN
China Post web site to be checked:

Have a nice day!

Gem from Calgary said...

HI Velu,
Thanks for adding the link to my postcard blog. I will be sending you a couple of covers very soon.
Thanks again,

Eric from Jura said...

Dear Velu,

I've sent to you today a nice registered cover with the 3 French miniature sheets you wanted :-)
I hope you'll receive it soon and that you'll like it !!
Regards from France.