Saturday, August 9, 2008

Egyptian Immigration

Location : The Cayman Ridge ,  19 38 N 083 36 W
Since we have been going through my official papers, let me show you a page from one of the passports. This is the Egyptian immigration at work and for some reason they seem to be using revenue stamps in the temporary visas. I'm not sure if they are still doing that, but I haven't seen too many countries using stamps.
Sadly the impressive Eagle cancellation hasn't been done properly and the stamps themselves are upside down to each other. The whole effect onestly doesn't seem too appealing. But then Immigration officials are rarely known for their artistic sensibilities.  


Yukiko said...

Hey, you posted a great map where you were. It is a good idea, which I enjoy it. And I found out that you were in Munich where I live!

lefung said...

Thanks for the nice postcard from Algeria, thank you very much

Velu said...

Hi Yokiko. Thanks for the kind comments. The map is a new addition and I'm glad you liked it. I actually only passed through Munich airport, so it really was not a visit to the city. :)

Lefung: Great that you got the Skikda postcard. Let me know once you get the postcard I sent from Gibralter.