Saturday, August 23, 2008

Venezuela - The Metro System

Location : Freeport, Texas

I did mention previously that the last trip to Venezuela was a total waste. Well maybe not because I did get one set of stamps there on the Metro rail system. Sadly I'm not really collecting stapms on train, but it does make for interesting collection.

The stamps on top are dealing with the Metro system, a mass rapid transport system in the Capital Caracas and its neighbourhoods. Apparently the Metro system, which was started in 1983, is a source of great pride in the Venezuela, so the next time you are there, you should make a mental note not to pee when you are waiting for your next train.

An excellent source of information on the Caracas Metro system can be found here at Wikipedia. The stamps in question are dealing with the new developements being made on the Caracas metro system. The top stamp is on the new 4th Line that was opened in 2006. The other stamp deals with the " Metro Los Teques", a line started between the main line with the town of Los Teques.

The two stamps below are the stamps on the metro system of the city of Valencia. Now this is a much newer system that came into service only in 2006. As per wiki, they charge only 500 bolivar for an adult, which comes to about 23 US cents. Which makes it irritating to me because the cost of the stamp on the metro costs 3000 bolivars, a cost that would have gotten me 6 round trips on the metro.

Sources : Urban Rail - Valencia , Urban Rail - CaracasOffical website - Caracas Metro , Offical website - Valencia Metro


Nandkishore Gitte said...

wonderfull collection.

nandkishore gitte
life at sea

Nandkishore Gitte said...

wonderfull collection.

nandkishore gitte
life at sea

Vin said...

do stamps cost that much??
oh my god..a real eye-opener for me indeed!

Doris Tan said...

can u send your country's stamp for me?!
i lives in Malaysia. And i don't know it will cost how much.

Doris Tan

Velu said...

Hi all.

Thankyou for the comments.

Doris : Let me have your mailing address and I will send you some stamps once I get back home.

Thanks for the offer Vin. My mailing address is on the right sidebar of the blog.

Cheers all,

Yukiko said...

Hi Velu, where are you now?
I sent a card during my vacation in South America. Hope you will find it when you're back.

Have a safe and cheerful journey! Yukiko

lefung said...

Hi Velu,
Already received the nice postcard from Algeria you sent previously.

The Writer said...

Great stamps! Thanks for stopping by Dog Parks and commenting! We have parks just like that here too, but people have to clean the poop up.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

doris tan said...

Hi, Velu

below is my address:
205, Jalan Sutera,
Taman Sentosa,
80150 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.

Thanks a lots~~~ ^____^

Mariner said...

nice blog, I liked the idea of displaying you stamp collection via a blog.

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Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

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PulauPinang07 said...

Wonderfull collection.

FYI,Malaysia issued Cartoon stamps on 1st December 2008.

SL said...

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Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

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SL said...

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Jose said...

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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It's great thay you may go around the whole world!

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