Friday, August 1, 2008

Empire state building - Postal Chute

Location : Atlantic - 24 24 N , 069 28 W
It seems ages since I put up a picture of a post box or a post office out here. So I wanted to show you something different today. I had gone to the Empire state building in New york a few days back and they let us up to the observatory on the 86th floor. On the way I came across this chute which is pictured here. The inscription on the metal plate reads " US Mail - Cutler mailing system, Cutler mail chute Co., Rochester, NY USA".
I saw it on only one floor, but its a safe assumption that this chute goes all along the height of the the Empire state building. I haven't seen such an system in use anywhere else and I doubt in the new skyrises being made today, postal chutes are fitted anymore. Postal chutes must have been a great godsend in those days for all postal employees.
 I heard that once the Empire state building postal chutes shut down and an postal employee had to climb the outside of the building to deliver mail to the top floor. An unfortunate mix up in the new USPS uniform led people to believe that an ape was climbing the Empire State Building. I believe that even made a movie on that!


veluSr said...

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Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,Yesterday, I received both of the cards that you mailed from Algeria. Thanks very much.I appreciate it. I will be adding them to my blog hopefully tomorrow.
Thanks again, Glenn

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