Friday, August 31, 2007

Comic - The incredible Hulk

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The last few days have been fun. I'm back at sea & I must say that it does feel good in many ways to be back here & at least have some illusion of control! I am coasting the United States & so let me today show you some comic stamps from the US.
Recently Swan from Postcrossing was kind enough to swap the full set of these stamps with me. But the stamps featured here are the one stuck on an envelope and sent to me by Laura (Also from Postcrossing). It was actually a sort of a surprise to me
that the stamps are actually the sticker type & you only have to peel them off to stick them. For some reason, I don't really like that idea. If it was convenience I wanted, I would send an email. J

But the plus side of the sticker sheet was that they could put behind the stamps a bit of background about each stamp. Here's what the sheet had to say about the Hulk stamp:

" The Incerdible Hulk : Art by Rich Buckler & John Romita. After being caught in a Nuclear explosion Dr Robert Bruce Banner finds himself transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his rage & fury. The most powerful man-like
creature to ever walk the face of earth, The Incredible Hulk!"

About the cover art :

" The Incredible Hulk #1 May 1962 : Art by Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman. When a man unwittingly enters the site where a weapon called the Gamma bomb is being tested, he is rescued by its developer, Dr Bruce Banner. Exposure to the bombs rays transforms
Banner into Hulk, allowing him to express his darker side."

The thing about these stamps I recd was that even though they are fixed on the envelope, they reached me in the mint condition. The reason is that American envelopes must be passed through a machine & that only makes one continuous mark on the
envelope. As a result if the stamps are pasted in two levels, one set actually comes out in mint condition. If this was India, the envelope would be painstakingly stamped so many times that not only would the India post make sure that the stamp could
never be used again, but probably USPS would be suspicious if the said entity was a postage stamp in the first place. J


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

You must be the first bloger posting on the sea, keeping going for more interesting items.

Cees said...

Did like the Hulk TV series.

Indeed seablogger nr 1 must be into the Record Books....