Friday, August 10, 2007

Postcards from India Post - Endangered Birds

Since we were on the subject of the postcards, I wanted to show you another set released by the India post. This set of postcards and stamps are on the endangered birds found in India. I don't really collect much of bird stamps, but the postards are drawn beautiully. If you enlarge the picture, you'll see that the background is made in a wooden finish and the sketches of the birds are nice to look at.

The birds that have the sad fate of being on this list are the Greater Adjutant Stroke, Nilgiri Laughing Thrush, Manipur bush Quail & the Lesser Florican.

Of the above birds, the Lesser florican seems to be a most bewildered bird trying to figure out what we have against it. Indians arn't even that keen on ducks. But a bit of research shows that the poor fellow has decided to breed in Pakistan and live its life in India. As it crosses & recrosses probably the most volatile border in the world, one only wonders how it managed to live for so long. My friends in the Indian Army will only put this down to a definitive proof that the Paki's can't shoot straight!

It is probably singlehandedly keeping the population of Frogs at bay in the wetlands. My Friend Eric collects frog stamps, so I think he'll be glad to see the back of the Greater Adjutant Stroke. :)

And finally lets hope that the Nilgiri laughing trush never has the last laugh.


Eric from Jura said...

Hello Velu !

congratulations for your blog about Indian Philately, great job !
As I appreciate your blog (excellent comments), I wanted to inform you that I've added today your blog in my links on my blog.
fyi I now translate in English the messages published on my blog ! Maybe it'll be easier for you to understand :-))
please continue like that with your blog !
Regards from France.

Velu said...

Thanks Eric. I did come over to your blog & even got that letter you had posted. Thanks. :)

Your link added to me blog as well.