Thursday, August 2, 2007

The postbox Revisited

This is my last post on the letter box. I swear. At least for the near future. So kindly bear with me for this post.

You might remember this distasteful picture from one of my previous posts Reg the postbox. I was going through my first day covers and came across the cover for that particular series. This postbox looks remarkably like the postbox in the picture.

I'm not sure how much you can enlarge the picture of the FDC, but the postbox has markings of the kingdom of Travencore. Below the writing "Travencore" the emblem of the state (a conch shell) is also displayed.

I went back to the picture of my postbox and if you enlarge it, you'll see some indentation also at approximately the same place. On my next trip to the post office I determined to find out more about the postbox.

When I went there yesterday, I realised that the indentation was actually the scar left on the postbox when someone had gouged out the original markings (with probably a crowbar). I'm sure it must be a rage to destroy all traces of the British raj on the eve of Independence, but I find it truly sad to see some of the injustices we commit to the History in the name of the future.

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