Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus

My Dinosaur collection is coming along nicely. Following my posts on the Dinosaurs from Thailand, I got some more Dino stuff from friends around the world. Lenka From the Czech republic happened by this blog and so very kindly sent this stunning stamp of the Stegosaurus. The stamp actually bears the picture drawn by Zdenek Burian. You can see his name written on the top left of the picture. Burian is one of the foremost painted of prehistoric life. He has drawn more then 1500 works on the subject & he has also given illustrations for famous books such as Robinson Crusoe & Tarzan. What makes his work most remarkable, is that he did not even have access to the Skeletal structures of Dinosaurs to work on, but actually had to rely on pictures of the same.

I sadly still remain as clueless about the Dino family as I was before , & I would put these Stegosaurus under the category of "Eaten by T-Rex"! And to complete the pudding (or is it the pudding on the cake), I also got a postcard Lamborama of post crossing featuring these chaps.
Thanks a lot both Lenka & Lamborama for the neat stuff. :)

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lamborama said...

Velu, I think the postcard looks cooler in your blog than it did on my desk :) I love your stamp collection!