Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Postcards from India Post - The Himalaya lakes

I wrote earlier about the five himalayan lakes on which the Indian post had released postage stamps on this year. It came as a pleasent surprise that they have also released a set of postcards as well on the above subject.

This set of five postcards comes in a neat package and does give some nice views of the lakes. There are of course one each for all the lakes.

I have been hanging out at postcrossing for the last few days and the people who actually like to collect postcards, really like postcards with matching stamps. The guys out there would really dig these posties. These kind of philatelic packages are probably common for any reader from US or Europe, but it feels great to see such releases by the India post.


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Nice Himalayan Lake postcards and

Swan said...

A wonderful set. I love things like this, especially if it's nature :)

Velu said...

thanks for the comments. :)

Yes it is a great set of cards.