Sunday, July 13, 2008

Algeria - Anthem

Location - Approaches to Gibralter / 36 09 N / 004 33 W

We left Algeria the day before and now are on the way to the US via the
Gibralter straits. Sadly Algeria doesn't allow seamen shore leave so
couldn't set foot on the land. But the trip wasn't a total waste because
atleast the agent was able to get me some post cards and miniatures.

As a bonus, I even got one first day cover. This one pictured above is the
FDC comemorating the national anthem of Algeria, I don't suppose you can
make out the stamp in much detail, but this stamp, released in 2008, has the
Algerian flag and the whole of the national Anthem (Hymne - as it calls it)
written across it. I'm not sure what 1er Jour D'Emission, but maybe Eric or
some other kind soul can explain that to us.

But all said, this is a beautiful piece to add to my collection.

Cheers all!

covers sent to the following from Algeria :
France - Eric
Russia - Alexander

Cards sent to the following from Algeria :
France - Mr Cotard
Portugal - Mr Almeida
Canada - Glenn (sent two your way)
Thailand - Charlie
Malaysia - Lefung
Taiwan - Wu
China - Mr Zhou fan
UK - Brett
Germany - Kalpana
Czech Rep - Lenka

Hope you all get them and sorry for all the others I missed out. Do put in a
comment if you want to be added to the mailing list.


Yukiko said...

Hi Velu,
nice that your blog is active again. I sent cards several times in last several months, and hope you found them at home when you were back. Just let me know. Have a pleasant journey! Yukiko in Germany

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend !
Thank you for your sending from Algeria.
I'm going to send you news covers from France.

Cotard Stéphane.

lefung said...

Thanks for the card, great you become active again. Looking forward to receive the card. By the way do you receive items from me? I not sure do you receive them.

Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear velu,
Welcome back to blogging again,
I will sending nice stamped
souvenir covers to your home,
waiting to see your updated blog
with more interesting items.

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,
It's good to see your blog up and running again. It was missed. I'll be looking out for the postcards from Algeria. Thanks very much.Also thank you for mentioning my blog on yours.
Take care,