Friday, July 18, 2008

Turkey - Thani Joint release

Location - The Atlantic
I know that some people like Eric from France like to collect joint issues. So today I wanted to show you the set of joint issue released by the turks and the Thais. Featured are soem of the most popular sights of the countries. If you look a few posts back on my regular blog, you can see pictures of the Mosque at Istanbul. The last I had seen the temple in Thailand was when we went there in 2006.
I suppose they must have released a miniature sheet on the occasion, but sadly I only got my hands on these individual stamps.


Eric from Jura said...

Hi Velu,
happy to read you again :-)
I hope you've well received the stamps I sent you on february 2008 (M/S about Rugby WC, Flying machines and Bruxelles) ?
Hope hearing from you soon !
bye my friend

XU WEI -CHINAjika- said...

nice stamps! China issue alot joint stamps ...