Sunday, July 6, 2008

The bridge from China

Location : Off the Sardegna Island, Mediterranean

Since I put up a post about the bridges at Istanbul on my regular blog, I
wanted to put up a stamp with a bridge here. So I am showing you a beautiful
stamp sent by Mr Zhou fan from China. A person who keeps sending me stamps
inspite of my irregular replies.

To him and my other friends all over the world, I am deeply grateful and

The stamp in question is undoubtably beautiful and is of a set of six stamps
issued by the Chinese govt featuring the Summer palace, in much the same
style. The set includes three bridges, two buildings and a boat house (which
as I understand is the "clear and peaceful boat").

Thanks again Mr Zhou.


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Hello Velu,
Welcome back to blog again,
so nice to reading all your
updated articles.

Anonymous said...

Dont you use your postcrossing any longer? Your user Velu havent been used for 5 months!?