Friday, July 25, 2008

Answer to comments

I logged on to the internet after a long time today. Till now I have been blogging only by email so I really didn't keep track of the comments coming in. So let me say thanks to you all for writing in. To questions raised,:
Eric From Jura : Yes buddy. I did indeed get your miniatures. Thanks for them. Sorry for not sending across a card your way from this ship. I'll send something nice from Venezuela.

Yukikoh : Thanks for the comments. Missed you out too. I se you are back in Germany. Double treat your way too.

Lefung : Yes got your stamps. Thanks. Hope you got the cards from Algeria and Gibralter by now.

Thanks to the all the rest who were kind enough to comment.


9teen87 said...


I send you a package with some 1st day cover stamps, about a month and a half ago from the USA. There were quite a few older 1st day of issue stamps too. Have you received it yet?

Just wondering,


Velu said...

Hi Brenda.

Sorry but I have been on the ship for about two months now. But I'm sure that they must have come in. What can I send your ways?


Anonymous said...

Hi look, I have sent you 2 postcards of postcrossing. And they didn't be registered yet.
Here in your blog i find that you travel a lot.
Do you going home or something, Because my postcards are there. :(
By the way i'm Vânia Araújo 16 years-old. (My nick in postcrossing is :252525).
Look for me if you can of course.
Now i'm here and i will take a look in your blog. I'm sure that i will apreciate a lot!

See sonner i hope. :DD

Anonymous said...

please say something!

see you

Vânia Araújo

Velu said...

Vania : Hey there. Sorry that I'm not home to recv your postcrossing.

Do one of the following:
01. Let me have your email id so that I can get in touch with you.

02. Put up your postcrossing offical card ID number and I will simply register it on the site.

By putting comments as an anonymous sure does not help me in getting in touch with you.


Vin said...

i have some stamps... god knows if they r 'something'...where can i send them if need be?

Anonymous said...

Ok then velu!

Here is my mail:

I'll put my name or my mail on comments if i know. The thruth is that i don't understand anything about blogs. :(

But here is the ID: PT- 44497.

Thanks for helpping.
And i hope you like the postcard when you see it!