Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Links

As I mentioned, I haven't been online much and it seems that a lot more blogs have linked over to me & it is my pleaseure to introduce them here & put up their links as well.

The first blog is called Rainbow Stamp club and other then the name, which I think is a little lame (sorry Ajay & jeevan :) ) , the blog is amazing. The amount of effort these guys put into every post is simply amazing and disconcerting in the way that there really can't be much for a person of the Indian forest office to do! Plus they even publish an Philatelic magazine. Please do check out their blog on the link above and also added to the right with all the other great blogs.

The next to come up is Gulfmann. He has ofcourse been a regular contributor to this blog, but due to an oversight his blogs haven't been here. Sorry for that George. Gulfman has three blogs running on Philatelic issues so I'm only putting up his stamps blog, Gulfmann Stamp Collection . Plus it has some snaps of Post boxes, so I couldn't resist. Keep up the good work George, and oh yes.. put up my link in your blog!

Lastly, though its not a link, I just want to show you all the nice site of europe-stamps, where the author was kind enough to write something nice about me. So thank you for that.


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
Just linked your blog, waiting to
see all your updated articles soon.

Ajay Srivastav & Jeevan Jyoti said...

Hi Velu !
Thanks for writing about my Blog. But please don't downgrade the name of my e-stamp club. Rainbow is the best gift of Nature & I have tried to put the colours of Rainbow in my Blog through a variety of philatelic items.

Jeevan Jyoti

Shimla, India

admin said...

Hey Velu,

Thanks for visiting my site. I just responded to it there but would also want to leave a note here!

I like your site and your stamp collection! I will look for stamps to send to add to your collection! Watch out for it in the mail :-)

It'd be great to receive a postcard from your country! Thank again.