Saturday, July 28, 2007

150 Years of the India Post

The postal department has come a long way since the day they would put a sack on top of a guy and send him around the countryside to deliver the post. Well okay I know that to be untrue. The Indian postman still does exactly that. One case in point is my post on the "Holiest postoffice in the world". Out there the postman actually has to walk 14 Km up the mountain every second day.

Regardless, the Indian Postal service completed a 150 years of operation in 2004 and released this set of four stamps. The stamps try tell us the chronological evolution of the Indian postal service with the first stamp starting the tale with carts and small boats, and the fourth stamp telling us about the "E-post".

"e-Post" is an initiative of the India post that was launched in 2004 but has not really been very successful. You can read up about the e-post on the Indiapost website. But the fact is that the initiatives such as e-post tried to dissolve the barriers between the population having accesses to the Internet and the ones who didn't.

After more then a century and half of operations in a country like this, I'm not sure how good the the india post is. But of one thing I am sure. If nothing else, those chaps atleast managed to produce one postal enthusiast. :)

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