Sunday, July 29, 2007

150 Years of the Indian Railways

Another thing that is only150 Years old in this ancient country is the Indian Railways. I still haven't started a collection on trains, but this is one of my favourite stamps. Not only is the art work of the stamp very nice, but this is one of those miniature sheets where the stamp is part of a bigger picture. This adds beauty to the miniature sheet and the whole thing looks absolutely stunning.

As I said, this is one of my favourite stamps and finds a permanent resting spot on the bottom of my blog. But I felt that this beauty deserved a spot of its own under the sun.

I don't travel as much in trains as I would like to. But I do have a very fond spot in my heart for the Indian Railways. The Railways, along with the Indian Postal service is a pretty good representation of modern India. Nobody knows what goes where, but the machine somehow keeps running. :)


Eric from Jura said...

Hello Velu !
Congratulations for your blog about Indian philately, it's very interesting !
I've send to you last week a nice cover from France, I hope you'll like it !
hope hearing from you soon !
regards from France

Nigam Prasad said...

Dear Velu
There is a book "Railway Journey Through Postal Stamps" published by Western Railway Mumbai costing Rs 195. This you can get through CPRO Western Railway.

Nigam Prasad
Library & Information Officer
Railway Staff College

Velu said...

Eric Fm Jura : Thanks for coming by the blog and for those kind words. I have also posted a comment on your blog, though I could not understand much because I can't read french. :)

Nigam : Thanks for the info. I'll try to get my hands on that book. It will make for interesting reading.