Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Post office at Chikaldhara

In my series of the pictures of the post offices, please allow me to post the post-office of Chikaldhara. I had gone there in June 2006 with my wife and I must admit that it must have been a bit alarming for a newly married wife to see her husband getting excited at the sight of a post office!

Chikaldhara is one of the only hill stations near out home and is a very small town. I always find the small town and post offices to be the best to visit. The chikaldhara post office is much removed form the town and at an end of a desolate stretch of walk in the forest. Besides the postoffice was a small park with a hand painted sign of something that looked like a black Grizzly with warnings that bears and other assorted wild animals were likely to pounce on you at a moments notice.

I never said that I envy the post men of my country. I only admire them. :)

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