Monday, July 23, 2007

The Humble Letter box

Enough with the flying boxes called aeroplanes that grab all the footage and the attention. Let us spare a few lines and space for the little boxes on our streets that do us such a great service.

Think of it. You take great pains to write a letter. If you are someone like me, you spend a few sleepless nights thinking which stamp will "go with" the letter that you are sending. And then after all that, you are just supposed to abandon the piece of history (probably in another 300 years) into a metal bin? What is the guarantee that some canine isn't stalking the box from across the corner waiting for its kidneys to pump fluid into the bladder. And this foundation is supposed to withstand the Cows scratching their backs against them? And does somebody out there actually think that the housing is going to withstand the great Indian Monsoons?

And yet over the many many years, the suckers that we are, we have been trusting our work and emotions into this box. With mixed results of course. I am sure that these boxes eat up some of the mails, but they haven't bothered mine too many. (Apart from a few they kept for a while because they liked them I guess).

I think we all have our ways to ensure that the letter boxes deliver the mail on to their mysterious ways. Puja confessed to me that she actually says a prayer to the post box every time she drops a letter into one of these. Not me. I like to think that I'm on a more friendlier level with them. So every time that I drop the letter, I pat the guy a couple of times and ask him how it is doing.

But regardless of what they tell me, I always try not to look back as I walk away.

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