Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Thai Dino's

On the subject of Dinosaurs, the Thai postal dept has also released a set of stamp sheet titeled "Unseen Thailand" back in 2004. The sheet figured various scenes from thailand that were rarely seen on the tourist circuit. I doubt anyone has seen these Dinosaurs in Thailand for a long time, so they figure right in the middle of the sheet.

After much research I have reached the conclusion that these dino's belong to the genus "Eaten by T-Rex". Thailand post justifies the Dinosaurs as inherently Thai based on the finding of Dino Fossils at the Phu Kum Khao site at the Kalasin area.

Maybe its time the thai came out with another sheet of "Seen thailand". This sheet might feature scenes from a more common touruist circuits in Thailand. Such as the Strip joints, Go -go bars, Nude beaches & some such . I'd like a sheet of those stamps as well. Of course from a strictly collectors point of view! :)

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