Saturday, November 17, 2007

Estonia - Whale

Location : Coasting West Africa

Following up on the order of fishes, I ordered about 60 KG's of fishes at the next port and hopefully they should last for a good month or so. I was thinking that if I could somehow fit one of these whales in my freezer, I might as well drop all
wsorries for feeding the crew. :)

This is a beautiful stamp by any standards & the small sub-stamp (I'm not exactly sure what it is called) that is part of the sheet has also been sent to me. This seems to be a joint issue stamp as can be seen from the two flags of the top left. If I'm
not mistaken, the picture on the top right is the map of the Arctic ice-cap. So this might be a stamp issued on the occasion of some joint survey or some such event. Anyway, the event doesn't matter as long as they keep dishing out such beauties.

Many thanks to Muhv from who swapped with me and had sent across the beautiful Edward Wiiralt painting miniature that I had posted much earlier.

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