Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Togo - Dinosaurs

Location : West Coast Africa

I was not really active much around here for the last few days. I apologise to all those who did drop by and found nothing new. The last few days were spent a bit busy in the port of Lome. It is the only port and also the capital of a country called Togo.

One good thing that did happen was that I managed to get to the Main post office of the town and went through the Philately section. I have decided to officially include a collection of Dinosaurs in my stamps. Picked up a few of them over there and let
me show you the first one - A Scutellosaurus from the pre-historic age.

The artist seems to be someone called "Puvilland" I will need to do a google on him and dig up more info on that chap.

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msyanwu said...

Velu: If you can manage to send me a letter from TOGO, I'd really appreciate it. I've never received mail from TOGO. Will send you some Dinosaur stamps in return then? Cheers!
Ms.Yan Wu
Bowling Green Station
POBox 1525
New York, NY 10274 USA