Monday, November 19, 2007

Finland - Moomin

Location - Anchored on the African coast

I know I said it & I'm sorry, but I like cartoon stamps too much to stay away from them for long.
This is surprisingly the only Moomin stamp I have. Surprisingly, because Finland has released so many of them & I have so many cards coming in from Finland and everyone from Finland seems to like Moomins and send everyone else moomin Stamps, that
anyone who could have followed this sentence would have logically assumed (as I did) that I would be swamped by Moomin stamps. It was because of this, that I have as of now not requested any of my Kind Finnish friends to send me a Moomin Stamps.

Flowers. Finnish people seem to be crazy about flowers. Nine postcards out of ten from finland seem to have flower stamps on them. To every one of them I reply with stamps of snow & barren mountains.

So any of you kind reader from Finland who happen to drop by here, please remember that I was talking about the other people who sent the flower stamps. Your flowers were wonderful. Now send those Moomins! :)

PS: BTW, in all the rant about the stamps I never got around to talking about the Moomins. I have sadly read only one of the Moomin books (a few years back)& it was lovely. Please do read them if you haven't. This stamp by all accounts of my feeble
memory is of Moomin Mama. Who is cooking with evident nonchalance. As she does everything else.

Stamp was sent by Ometsola of postcrossing. Thanks!

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