Wednesday, November 7, 2007

USA - Alpine Tundra

Location - Atlantic - 09 59 N , 050 27 W

This is another of the sheets that I got in the US this time. I don't particularly collect nature stamps, but this sheet is definitely beautiful. The sheet comprises of 10 stamps of 41 cents each, but has a total of 24 birds, animals, butterflies or
flower species included in it.

Alpine tundra begins above the tree line in high mountain areas such as the rockies, & the stamp pane depicts a summer scene in the Rocky Mountain national park, Colorado. The prominent birds & animals depicted in the sheet, from left to right are :
American Pika, White tailed Ptarmigan, American Pipit, Bighorn Sheep, Golden Eagle, Short tailed weasel & the yellow billed marmot.

This Alpine tundra sheet is supposed to be the ninth in the series of "Nature of America" This series, "features the beauty and complexity of plant & animal communities in the US." and I think it certainly does justice to that aim.

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