Friday, November 30, 2007

Togo - Dinosaurs #4

Location - African West Coast

Today we look at Mr Brachiosaurus from the Jaurassic era. I'm not sure about this painter. The backgrounds are stunning, but something seems to be wrong with the dino's. Take this big fellow for instance, he really does seem upbeat about his extinction
and is actually smiling. This seems particularly praiseworthy because his head seems to be all bumped up - probably because a caveman hit him with a piece of wood. I like this chap.

PS: Cheers all!

Lefung : Will send across a Paqubot your way. And don't worry about registered post. The letters will be accepted and kept safely till I return.

Alexander: I have been on your blog & liked it. will send across letters without fail, but I don't have your address and can't log on to your blog now. So type in you address in the comments space so that I can send letters.


JP said...

Very nice Blog you have here!
I would be very interested in receiving some paquebot covers from the ports you pass on, is that possible? Thank you!
Mr. J Prazeres
R. Almeida Garrett, 20
3400-080 Oliveira do Hospital

lefung said...

Hi Velu,
Thanks for it. Really thanks for helping sending cover from the country you will be there.In return i will send you some stampsheetlet via the registered mail to you later. Hope you will like it.

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Velu,

I'd be very happy if you could send me paquebot mail and/or nice covers from Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela or Chile :-)
I'll of course send to you back nice recent stamps frm France !
Thanks you in advance !
Enjoy your world trip and stamps !