Thursday, November 29, 2007

Togo - Dinosaurs # 3

Location : West Coast Africa

I think we all can agree that even his mother would have been hard pressed to call the Dilophosaurus a good looking bloke. I don't know if its this chap in the foreground that does it, but the background of this stamp is nice. Its got the morning misty look with the sun coming up bathing everything in the mysterious foggy orange that looks great.

BTW, thanks for the comments :
Yuki - I didn't send you a card from lome because you didn't post a comment to let me know you recd my panama card. I'll send you one from the next port. Say if you are in Japan, can you get me the full set of stamps on the Steam Engines that I had
shown a month of so back?

Gulfman - I thought you must have got tired with all the paqubot covers fo I send you a postcard from Togo on the 26th. Let me know once you get it.

Lefung - I haven't got it with me yet, but I haven't checked up my mail since the last two months so it might have arrived at home. Please let me know here is you send/recv anything. Will send across some covers your way.

Cheers All!


Alexander said...

Dear Velu! I wish I am a sailor.
Could you please send me the covers: from Senegal, Panama and also paquebot? Thank you so much.
What stamps or covers do you want me to send you from Russia.
Regards, Alexander (St.Petersburg)

lefung said...

Hello Velu,
Thanks. Could you please also send me a Paquebot mail? very curious about this kind of Mail. Thank you very much. I will send some Miniature sheet to you. Just would like to know,since you not around, can i send registered mail? Your family will receive on behalf of you? Just worry will returned back if not received by you.