Thursday, November 29, 2007

Swaps with Velu

Hi all.

I did put in a post about it some time back but since I'm not online, let me just say it again so it's somewhere on top.

It's like this. Anyone reading this is most welcome to put in a comment here. I will read it. If you want to recv a card or a cover from me, you'll have to put in your address in the comment and I'll dispatch a letter from the next port of call.

I can send you the following :-
a. A Paquebot mail (lots written about it in the posts past)
b. Post cards
c. Covers

What I would like is stamp miniature sheets from you in return once you get my letter & if you read my blog, you know the topics I'd like the stamps or FDC to be on.

So if you want to get a card, drop a comment on this post & I'll send a card from the country you want. Or from all the countries you want it from!

Countries coming up in the next month or so:- Senegal , Netherland Antilles , Panama , Chile , Equador , Honduras , Venezuela.

PS: Ms. Yan Wu - Already sent across a card in your direction the day before. Let me know once you get it.


Yukiko said...

Hi Velu!
Thank you for your cards from Panama, it was a really nice surprise. In return, I sent letters from Germany including post- and ship-related stamps. If you like, I can send a card from Japan as I will return to my home town during Christmas and new year. It would be also nice, if you can send a card to me from othre countries like Senegal, Netherlands - (I forgot the name) or Honduras.
Your cards are in my favorite album ;) Yukiko (yukikoyh)

lefung said...

Hello Velu,
I had sent a cover to you before, but i never seen it in your blog. Therefore i just wonder did you received it? However it is grateful if you can help to send a cover from countrys where you will be there and i will send the miniature sheet to you as return. I am collecting worldwide cover and airmail labels ,hope you can help on it.Thanks.
My address:
No28 Jalan SS2/88,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Thanks for all the Pacquebot mails,
hope to receive more covers on
near future during your long sea
I am hope you will like all my
covers sending from Taiwan.

Pedro said...

Hi Velu,
As lefung, I would like to know if you received the cover I have sent to your address in India. I hope you get it soon!
Best regards, Pedro

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,I am a stamped and mailed postcard collector, attempting to have a postcard mailed to me from every country. I have cards from 163 different countries so far.If you are inclined to mail me postcards from your travels, I would be very grateful.Please see my blog at or my Postcrossing profile at . These will give you some idea what I am doing. You mentioned Senegal and Panama comming up . These would be good. My cards from Africa are very few and just about anywhere would be good. I will in turn provide you with stamps and souvenir sheets from Canada.My name and address: Glenn Moores, 55 Country Hills Pk NW, Calgary, Canada, T3K 5E1. Hope you can do something for me.