Saturday, November 3, 2007

USA - Pollination

Location - Off Curacao - 12 05 N, 068 57 W

This is another of the sheet that I had picked up at Corpus Christi during this call & deals with the subject of Pollination. Not much to talk on the subject, but the sheet is nice and features four ways that pollination does take place.

I particularly like the bat stamp because you get to see bat stamps so rarely & well.. bats are cool!


Eric said...

Hello Velu

A short comment (not linked to your article) just to tell you that I have received your letters (including the Paquebot one). I will show them soon on my blog. I have sent you a letter with the titin minisheet inside. Hope you'll like it.
Take care

msyanwu said...

Hi: Just want to let you know that I've sent you a cover from UN. I guess you won't get it untill next year? :)