Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chile - Easter Island

Location - Chile

Well as I am in Chile, I wanted to show you a couple of stamps that I got my hands on yesterday. These are stamps from different series, but as both are on the same subject, I'm clubbing them together. These are the men of the Easter Island. Again lack
of Google makes my blog a bit shallow, but if memory serves me right, there is a bit of a mystery as to what & why caused people to make these on a remote Island in the middle of no where. Though I did see a cartoon where it was explained that these
guys resonated on an inaudible frequency & did some fourth dimensional thing. :)

Stamps wise- these are both good stamps. The upper one is a set of five nice pencil sketch of different parts of chile, issues for some tourist promotion.

The lower colored stamp is more of a trade promotion. A couple of years back, the chilian trade federation started a campaign called "All Ways Chile". This series was issued as pert of that campaign to increase trade & other cultural exchanges.

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msyanwu said...

The recent UN world heritage stamps also depicted the statues from Easter Island. I have a set to trade for the one from Chile if you like. Have been a reader of your blog for a while. Question: How many days of out the year do you spend on the sea?