Sunday, October 7, 2007


Location - Valparaiso, Chile

Since I'm still in chile & I have new stamps to show off, let me today show you all a set of stamps on Penguins. These stamps, like the last set are also taken from the same two sets & feature the same subjects. The Penguins are quite commonly seen in
the southern parts of Chile & come us to as far north as Valparaiso, but in smaller numbers. Valparaiso is about 35 Degrees south Latitute and in the northern hemisphere it would be like finding Penguins in Gibralter.

But the reason that they are able to survive as far north as Valparaiso is because of the cold Peru current, that fows northward up the west-coast of Southcurrent. In Chile, they don't like calling it "Peru Current", & infact call it the "Humble
current" or the "Humbolt Current".

Sadly I didn't see any penguins, but a pair of sea lions have been hanging around the ship for the last couple of days.

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