Monday, October 22, 2007

Portugal motorcycles - II

Location: Texas Anchorage - 28 10 N,095 48 W

In addition to the miniature that Jose had sent me, on the cover were these two more bikes. Portugal released a set if these bikes (if I remember, there were eight of them) and of these, only four of them were on the miniature sheet. Jose was kind
enough to include two more on the cover.

Not only are these bikes newer looking then the bikes that we saw yesterday, but I like the setting of the two bikes facing each other. Also if you look at the postmark, it looks like a motorcycle tyre!

Weather by accident or a deliberate act, it looks splendid. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Velu,

You have an interesting blog...and I must say an equally interesting job to roam around the world !!

I am from India but have been in Germany for past 6yrs. and have been wondering if I could bribe you the "regular Indian way" to send me a Paquebot mail in exchange for a Belgium Tintin sheet for your comic collection.
I'll post this today while at a stamp exhibition.

My address is:

Mrs.Kalpana Sharma
Nussweg 39
73760 Ostfildern

Thanks a lot in advance and hope its not too much of a bother.

bye & Kind regards,