Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Status of Velu

Location : Chile Coast - 22 55 S, 075 25 W

I got a comment from msyanwu on the post "Chile - Easter Island".

Thanks for the comment & its great that you would like to swap with me. Sadly I managed to get very few stamps this call to Chile, so I won't be able to swap these particular stamps with you as I have only one set.

Also I have two limitations at Present. I am not connected to the internet & I won't be able to get back to home till Jan 08. So I will resume all swaps from Jan.

In the meanwhile, if you put up your addresses in the comments (Its not as if anyone else reads this blog. :) ), I can get it and will definitely send across a letter or a card from every port that I go to.

The ports that I go to in the next few months : Panama, USA, Netherland Antilles , Africa West Coast.

msyanwu : I sail for about 7 months in a year. The rest of the time, I take pictures of postoffices!

PS: Eric, Gulfman & Lenka - Came to know that your mails have arrived. Thks. Looking forward to seeing them.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Google sent me to your post.
I live in USA with my family, I am Chilean. I have collected stamps to use in my collages. They are beautiful...the ones from Isla de Pascua. I think your collection must be great.I can trade old stamps from Chile also.

veluSr said...

hey ,
from your position plot , 22 55 S, 075 25 W , it seems you have left Valparasio and started back for new destination . So which is the next post err... port :) ,of call .

Lenka said...

Hi Velu,
thanks very much for the very special letter from the sea! It reached my home address around 24. 9. Before I could read it I sent another one to your Indian address. So I didn't react to some of your questions... If I do understand your comments well, you will be able to read all letters in January 08! Thanks a lot once again, it was the most interesting letter I have ever received, I suppose :-)
Wish you a calm sail! Lenka.

msyanwu said...

That's wonderful news. You can post your letters to me at:

Bowling Green Station
POB 1525
New York, NY 10274

Some of the Indian stamps are very nice too, so maybe when you're back home, I can trade with you. Thanks! Have a very safe trip abroad.

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