Wednesday, October 3, 2007


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I forgot that the blue chap in yesterdays post is called the "Smurf" for some reason, I just couldn't rememeber that name.

Let us look today at a person who never faces that problem & always remembers his facts. Tintin is an amazing chap who has been all over the places- from The mountains of Tibet to the amazon jungles to the dark side of the moon.

I grew up on Tintin & Astrix. The amazing part of Tintin was that the chap himself is so subtle in front of the supporting cast such as Capt Haddock, Professor Calculus & the thompson twins, that at the end of a story, you hardly remember what it is
that tintin did in it. What sticks out is Capt Haddock shouting "Bristling Blue Barnacles" every time his rum bottle is broken. In this stamp released by France in 2007, we again find this mild mannered fellow stitting quitely in a boat. I'm not sure
if they brought out a series on the entire cast, but we can be sure that Capt Haddock won't be pictured sitting so quitely.

Apart from minor achivements such as finding water on the moon to busting international crime sindicates, Tintins crowning glory is to find himself with friends that love him & a dog that adores him.

Thanks to Pazzolina of Post Crossing for sending me this.

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Eric said...

Hi Velu

The full set of stamps of this series pictures all the caracaters of the comics. Here is a picture of the six stamps issued in a souvenir sheet.

As you'll see Captain Haddock looks rather quiet on his stamp ;-)

By the way Velu, I got your letter. Thanks a lot. Enjoy your trip !