Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portugal - Motorcycles

Location : Gulf of Mexico : 24 50 N, 090 47 W

Now that I am reaching texas in a day or so, I wish I had saved the stamp of Davy Crockett for today to show you. But Today, America is so much more then a bunch of people standing and shooting at other people. Okay so America is still a bunch of
people who shoot at other people, but now they do it in style.

And that brings us to the Motorcycles. I'm not going to show you Harley-davidsons, but the classic bikes series taken out by Portugal. Jose was kind enough to swap these with me for stamps on bridges. (Jose collects bridges - if you find any, do post

These are classic looking bikes & sadly I'm not auto expert so I wouldn't know much about these bikes. But the one on the bottom right actually looks like the kind of bike that we drive in India these days. :)

Of these four, I personally like the bottom left. It looks old enough to look like its not handed down by your elder brother & it has a mean & low look to it like a dog growling at your testicles.

Lets have your favourites with reasons please.

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