Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chile - Pais turistico

Location : Chile Coast - 22 55 S, 075 25 W

Since I'm still in Chilean waters, let me show you another from the Pais Turistico series. These are nice stamps and the pencil finish probably makes them better then what a picture might have represented them as.

"Pais Turistico" probably means "Screw the tourists", or something else to do with the tourists, and each of the five stamps deals with a separate region of Chile. The great thing about Chile is that it extends in a great thin line pretty much
throughout the southern hemisphere. This allows for all sorts of landscapes in the country. You have The deserts in the north & snow in the south.

We have already looked at two of the regions of Chile in the last few posts. This stamp is from the "X Region". I really will have to open up google to tell you more about that. But it does seem like a nice place to rest for a while.

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