Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Malaysia - Planes

Location - Yucatan Channel - 23 38 N, 088 13 W

I wanted to show you this sheet for no other reason then the fact that this sheet is lying scanned on my comp for such a very long time. I hated to put this up without atleast some info to write about these planes, but even after a long port stay in the US, access to internet couldn't happen & I doubt I'll get it for some time now.

The planes in this beautiful sheet from Malaysia are the Airspeed consul & the Douglas DC3. Apart from the fact that these are American planes, I don't really know much about them. They do look like the planes from which air drops used to take place
during the World War & the one on the right looks a bit like the Dakota that is still in the Indian Air Force.

Ibrahim was kind enough to swap this sheet with me along with the one of the bird that I had put up a few days back. Thanks again Ibrahim!

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