Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Curacao - Frans Hals & A Post-Call

Location - North Coast Venezuela - 12 30 N, 071 56 W

It took us a long time, but we are finally out of Curacao. The Island is a beautiful place, but is expensive as hell. The place is like Europe where everything is imported. So everything is expensive. Even Fish is expensive on this Island. Baraccuda that I purchased fresh in Togo for 3.55 USD per KG costs 15 Dollars here. If you can't get fish cheap on an Island, something is very wrong.

What I am coming down to, is that the stamps are very expensive. No one is going to debate that this sheet of a painting by Frans Hals is anything but beautiful. But the cost of 550 C equates to about 3.2 US dollars and 125 Rupees. Which really prevents one from buying 10 of them just so that you can exchange them if others later so desire.

But I did manage to track down the only Philatelic counter on the whole Island and got my hands on a few stamps. Let me show you these over the next few days. After all my next visit to a Post office will be in Chile at the year end!

PS: Cheers all! Thanks for your comments. The post out of Curacao looked like this:

Eric Bruth - France
Eric from Jura - France
Alexander - Russia
Cotard - France
Yan Wu - USA
Zhou Fan - China
CHarles Jensen - USA
LeFung - Malaysia
Prazeres - Portugal

Yukiko - Germany
Gem - Canada
Leela - India

Next up is Panama from which I will be sending out Paquebot mail. New on the mailing list is Benedikt from Iceland. If anyone new wants to get mail, this is where you drop in a comment.

Take Care!


Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the postcard from Curacao and also the earlier one sent on Dec01. I'll let you know when they arrive. I am sending you some Canadian souvenir sheets and a few Canadian stamps also. I am putting a link to your blog on my blog. Hope this is ok.
Thanks again for the postcards that are on the way and any that you send in the future. Cheers and the best for the New Year to you. Glenn-GEM from Canada

Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
Don't forget me, please send me
Pacquebot mails from any port,
I am hope you have received all
my covers sending on last few
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Yukiko said...

Dear Velu, thanks for sending cards to me. I enjoy tracking where you are :) I fly to Japan in several hours. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas time and a wonderful new year with many amazing cards and stamps! Yukiko

lefung said...

Hi Velu,
Thanks for sending me the cover, will let you once i receive it. Untill now is not receive any yet.