Friday, December 7, 2007

Togo - Dino #6

Location - The Atlantic -

The Polacanthus is exactly the kind of stuff that a toy makers dreams are made of. One mean looking dino with sparp horns all over to kill, maime, gouge and in other manners incapacitate any living creature that might habitat in the vicinity.

Like all heavily armed things, its not hard to imagine how they must have gone extinct. It must be pretty tough to get any procreational activity going on between all those horns!

PS: Cheers all! Thanks for your comments.

The next port of call will be the Island of Curacao and mails will go out from there. I shall not be sending out Paquebot from Curacao so people who have asked for a paquebot will be sent one from the next port.

Benedikt - Got your address little late for Senegal. Will Send you a Paquebot from Honduras

Kalpana - Yes I did recv it at my home. It is said to be one stunning peice of postal package. Thanks a lot. I will miss seeing it for some time till I return.

Eric Bruth - Yes Thanks. I did recv your Letter and sheet as well. Thanks. Did I mention that I send you something from Togo?

Lenka - Got a nice envelope from you as well waiting at home. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Velu,

Got the paquebot mail yesterday...Thanks a lot and glad that I got it before we left for India.

Thanks again and say Hi to Puja,