Saturday, December 8, 2007

Togo - Dino Sheet

Location -The Atlantic - 13 20 N, 045 43 W

If the last few stamps have lead us anywhere, then it is to this sheet. This sheet is my current favourite and by all standards other then puja's, one of the best sheets ever made. Puvilaand excels himself in this sheet and depicts the scene when the asteroid / comet hits the Earth, bringing in the Ice age and the subsequent extinction of the Dinosaurs.

People with a scientific inclination of mind may note that the Dino's depicted on the top of the panel from left to right are : Plateosaurus (Trias) , Sceudosaurus (Jurassic) , Kentrosaurus (Jurassic) & Heterodontosaurus (Jurassic).

The dino on the bottom left, in whose eyes we can see the reflection of the comet (neat touch Puvilaand!) is the Compsoganthus (Jurassic), and the one in the stamp perforations and thus the star dino of the sheet, is the Velociraptor. Enthusiasts will recognise this last Dino from one of the Jurassic Park movies in which they create some ruckus.

All in all one great sheet!

Kalpana - Glad you got the Paquebot. BTW, which one was it? I have sent you three of these mails and I was wondering if this was the one sent from Curacao or Togo. Have a good time in India.


V said...

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Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
Thanks for your postcard sending
from Togo, dated as November 26,
2007, Thanks.
I was posted several different
nice stamped covers on last few
weeks, hope all the covers will
arrival to your home already.
Merry Christmas.

msyanwu said...

Hi Velu: Rec'd your Togo pc last week. Thanks so much! Dino on the way this week. Keep looking out for great stuff on your journey to share with us.