Friday, December 21, 2007

Curacao - Year of the Pig

Location : Cristobal Anchorage - 09 25 N, 079 56 W

I don't have many days left for this stamp, so let me present you the sheet of the year by Neth. Ant. 2007 was the year of the pig, and these guys have taken out this sheet with the qualities of the person born in the year of the pig. Among other things , if you were born on one of these years, you are tolerant, gallent, honest , loyal and many more such nice things. Apparently you also cost other people a lot of money because this sheet was about 5 Gilders, which is about 3 Dollars.

Any idea which year is 2008? Eric sure would be glad if there was a year of the frog! :)

Panama comes up tomorrow morning. Will send across some mail over the next day or so.

PS: Cheers all!
Glenn - Great that you got the card. Hope you get the other one soon as well. Best Wishes for the New year.

Yukiko - Thanks & have a great holiday!


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

Dear Velu,
Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 will
be the Year of Rat, hope you have
receive my Taiwan Rat Year cover,
have a Christmas happy time in

Alexander said...

Hi Velu!
How are you?
I have just sent you New Year cover.
Alexander (St.Petersburg,Russia)

Yukiko said...

I arrived in Japan today. As gulfmann stamps collection wrote, 2008 is the year of rat,
2009 cow
2010 tiger
2011 rabbit
2012 dragon
2013 snake
2014 horse
2015 sheep
2016 ape
2017 chicken
2018 dog

Wishing you happy holidays!

lefung said...

Hello Velu,
I think is too late to ask you help me to buy the pig year sheetlet or stamps. As zodiac is my main collection therefore hope that if possible to use such stamps please use it. Thanks

clairvoyance test said...

2007 is the Chinese Red Female Pig Year - Red being equivalent to the element of Fire, and Female because 2007 is a Yin Fire year.

The Pig is the 12th and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac and the New Year begins on the 18th February. 2006 was the year of the Fire Dog and was a year of structure. This year will focus on making things comfortable and finishing off unfinished projects and achieving goals. The year of the Fire Pig is meant to be auspicious bringing good fortune and prosperity. It is an excellent year to marry and have children. However it will not be a peaceful year, wars and natural disasters, particularly those connected to fire and water such as bushfires, volcanos, floods and tsunamis will occur causing the economy to blow hot and cold. Rising real estate prices will continue and homeowners and builders will do well. Fire Pig is well known for luck in money and speculation, particularly for those who share and do good deeds for the poor.