Sunday, December 16, 2007

Senegal - Dakar Rally

Location - Curacao

Have been absent in the near past and the trip was rather hectic. Infact I never got to show you the stamps I got in Senegal during my visit. I had gone to their main city of Dakar and it is one of the biggest cities of West Africa. A beautiful city but one where we stayed for only a day.

The Dakar Rally is the only reason why I had heard of Dakar before this and it was good to get my hands on this stamp.

THe stamp features two SUV's and one bike on the top left. For some reason, one camel is also shown there. As if a stamp on India needs to have an elephant in the background!

Also of interest is the wordings of Senegal , which are in the colours of the Senegelese flag.

360 cfs roughly equates to 36 Indian Rupees and 1 US dollar.

PS: Cheers all! Thanks for the comments people. I'm glad that the letters from Togo & Dakar have started reaching. It always is a gamble with the Paquebot mail that it might very well end up in the garbage bin of the post office.

Cees - Thanks. I should be celebrating New Years in Chile. A beautiful country that one.

Yukiko : I should be back home in Jan or Feb. Hope you have a great holiday back home. Thanks for the comment.

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Alexander said...

Hi, Velu!
Thank you so much for your nice Paquebot (Senegal). I recieved it and like it very much.
What stamps or covers do you want me to send you from St.Petersburg?
What is your mail address?
Also could you please send me your covers and paquebots from all ports, if it is possible.
Happy VOYAGE!!
Alexander (St.Petersburg, Russia)